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Join the healing renaissance...  


Spiritual healing with Reiki was a forerunner. This is the next generation of spiritual healing, specialising in releasing the specific emotional issues negatively impacting a person's life. This is an ancient master healing craft brought forward from ancient Egypt for its relevance and need in the world today.


This form of emotional healing delivers more powerful energy to the problem area than all other forms of spiritual or energy healing.


Hahnemann Healing is emotional healing and is based on the knowledge that many illnesses in the body are caused by emotions (suffered currently or back through time). Where a person feels that they want to help others overcome their emotional blockages, thereby helping to reduce ongoing illness caused by these suppressed emotions, then Hahnemann Healing is the correct modality to pursue.

A Hahnemann Healer is trained over seven days to understand the use of energy in a specialised way and how and where to apply it to the body of a client to release negative emotions. It is a very precise modality and brings about significant positive change in the emotional state of the client. After these seven days, you may continue with an annual healing development day or become an advanced or specialist healer.

A successful Hahnemann Healer is someone who understands the power of emotions and their relationship to illness and wants to help others clear these away, not only to improve their health but also their general state of living.


Hahnemann Healing is easy to learn with great power and offers graduated steps to grow in it. It is an opportunity to improve your spiritual and healing knowledge and energetic ability. The more you develop as a healer, the more Hahnemann Healing becomes a potent healing weapon for positive change.

What You Will Gain...

Ancient spiritual knowledge directly from the ancient Egyptian Schools of Learning (the Mystery Schools). This includes the pure, ancient knowledge of emotional healing and the spiritual world, its purpose and method of operation, brought forward via deep trance mediumship.

  • How to heal a wide range of emotional issues to help babies, children, and adults.

  • Healing for the negative emotions holding you back from becoming more loving.

  • Learning to protect yourself and heal with complete spiritual protection.

  • Develop and grow your ability to heal, specialising in specific emotional healing.

  • Learn to free a body to release its trapped emotional pain over a number of sessions as more and more negative emotional layers are peeled away.

  • Be fully equipped to heal friends and family with confidence and/or build a meaningful, powerful and successful healing practice.

  • Further advanced training techniques and specialist emotional healing, if you choose.


You will be trained as a Hahnemann Healing practitioner to place healing energy into points on the body, which is then directed to where specific negative emotions are held within the body as blockages (blockages which are often the cause of feelings of physical pain in the body). The healing energy used varies according to the emotion being dealt with. This process releases the blockage within the body, thereby improving physical and emotional health.


Be mentored, feel supported and encouraged. No prior experience is required, just a genuine interest in emotional healing. Your trainers are powerful healers and extensively trained. All run successful healing businesses.

Who Does This Training Suit?

  • People who would like to heal the negative emotions holding their loved ones back in life.

  • People who want to start a healing business with a unique, powerful offering to draw clients.

  • Practitioners who want to diversify or expand their current business to add an emotional healing stream of revenue and help people with a more concentrated and specialised effect.

  • Practitioners who want to grow their practice and specialise, providing targeted emotional relief and specific positive change to people with special emotional needs.

  • Practitioners who want a deeper purpose making a lasting difference offering real, sustainable change. Hahnemann healing offers the ability to change lives and a new way forward for people to create a brighter world for our children’s children.


Course Structure 

To become a fully qualified Hahnemann Healing Practitioner you need to attend 8 training days. Three different course structures are offered, as below. Please express your interest in the next course and advise your availability here.

  1.  1 full day on Sundays x 8 weeks.

  2.  4 weekends completed fortnightly.

  3. ​ Monday, Tuesday and Thursday x 6 weeks 10am - 2pm.

Milestones of Learning

  • Learn and understand ancient Egyptian spiritual knowledge to grow as a healer in this deep and powerful healing modality.

  • Meet and deepen your connection with your Hahnemann Healing guide through spiritual meditations which will take you back into the Schools of Learning in ancient Egypt.

  • Learn how to restore balance in the nervous system by clearing away blockages in the flow of energy through the spine. (This is done as the spine is the centre line for carrying energy through a body’s nervous system).

  • Learn to direct coloured healing energy to very specific parts of the body using light touch.

  • Target and release specific negative emotional issues by learning to place healing energy into points on the body which will flow to the area where the emotional pain is stored (often resulting in feelings of physical pain) and allow it to be released. 

  • Understand how releasing specific emotional blockages within the body will improve physical and emotional health by extracting negative emotions from the body, including those suppressed and deeply repressed in the sub conscious.

  • Learn to elicit the healing points from clients/loved ones which will lead to where the body has retained the most critical emotional hurt, damage or pain. 

  • Practice, discuss and share what you feel for experiential learning.

  • Receive an introduction to advanced Hahnemann Healing which replaces negative emotions with positive emotions for an even more powerful and enduring healing effect. This includes learning two advanced healing replacements.



  • Training days $220+gst x 8 days. 

  • Electronic healing manual with 54 emotional healing points $225+gst.

  • Understanding Spirituality and How to Live It hardcover book $42.

  • Annual training development day $220+gst.

  • Annual practitioner accreditation fee $150+gst.




What if I have done other energy healing or a similar modality?

This allows you to become much more specialised and powerful by concentrating the delivery of the specific coloured healing energy to precise healing access points to release and heal specific emotional issues and behaviours. Reiki and similar spiritual and energy healing forms were the forerunner. This is the next generation of spiritual healing specialising in releasing and replacing the specific emotional issues negatively impacting a person's life. This specialised form of emotional healing delivers more powerful and concentrated energy to a specific problem area than other forms of spiritual and energy healing which offer a generalised 'blanket approach' to healing.


Will I be able to practice Hahnemann Healing as an emotional healing practitioner after I finish the course?

Yes. You will simply need to do a practitioner development day annually to keep your accreditation up to date. This will also entitle you to new healing points for this next level of learning. If you simply wish to heal family and friends, you do not need to reaccredit your qualification annually.


Will this healing course increase my spiritual ability?

Yes, through the ancient Egyptian spiritual knowledge you will learn, meditations which will take you back into the Schools of learning in ancient Egypt and through the application of this deep and powerful healing modality with your new healing guide.


What energy healing techniques will I learn in this course?

You will learn how to balance the nervous system and extract negative emotions from the body including those suppressed and deeply repressed in the sub conscious. You will also receive an introduction to advanced Hahnemann Healing which replaces negative emotions with positive emotions for an even more powerful and enduring healing effect.


Can I apply this energy healing to family, friends, and self?

Yes. You may learn for your own personal and spiritual development and receive emotional healing throughout the course. You will also be fully equipped to heal family and friends. You may also choose to do three further days specialist training to specialise in healing during and after pregnancy, babies and young children for your own knowledge and to heal loved ones.


Can I practice this style of energy healing with animals?

Yes with a further 2 days of specialist training to learn to heal specific healing points for cats and dogs (an optional 3rd day is available for horses if you have experience with horses). You will learn to apply these specialist points to heal these animals of various emotional and behavioural issues after balancing their nervous systems.


Where does the healing energy come from?

From the greater cosmos with great clarity and precision from your Hahnemann Healing guide.


What is the difference between other energy healing modalities and Hahnemann Healing?

Hahnemann Healing is the next generation of spiritual healing which works in a much more specialised way to release the specific emotional issues negatively impacting a person's life. This is an ancient master healing craft delivering a much stronger, more concentrated energy that is specifically directed to the points in the body where it is needed. It is a very precise and powerful form of healing that lifts negative emotions from a person that are retarding them and holding back their growth and purpose.


People have so many emotional blockages within them from all of the things that have happened to them physically and emotionally in their life. These blockages stick within the body which affects the operation of the body. This is a very precise, non-invasive method of drawing those out one at a time.


Is this energy healing safe and will I learn how to protect myself?

You will learn how to fully and effectively protect yourself spiritually. It is very safe. You learn to balance a person's nervous system and release their suppressed and repressed feelings and pain. This lightens the load on their body which otherwise causes their nervous system to divert around their stored pain and their body to work overtime. 


Do I need any healing training or experience before I can start this training?

No. If you feel drawn to this healing modality, you will find you are ready to undertake it and you will be supported each step of the way.

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