Hahnemann Healing  is a powerful method of dealing with emotions, which often lie behind illness.  These emotions occur as a result of negative thoughts and feelings towards events that have happened in a person’s life.  This includes the emotions that may preclude people from getting better after a medical procedure.


Hahnemann Healing works by trained Practitioners placing healing energy into points on the body, which is then directed to where specific emotions are held within the body as blockages (often resulting in feelings of physical pain).  The healing energy used varies according to the emotion being dealt with.  This process releases the blockage within the body thereby improving physical and emotional health.

Dr Samuel Kristian Hahnemann, the founder of Homoeopathic Clinical Medicine, has brought forward the knowledge and teaching of this form of emotional healing via gentle touch. He is the Spiritual guide to Pearl Rogers, a medium, clinical homoeopath and psychotherapist. Pearl with her husband Ian, are the Directors of Sphinx Spiritual, the spiritual umbrella under which Hahnemann Healing sits.



Hahnemann Healers are trained and certified annually and are required to undergo annual professional development.  They are highly skilled at dispersing energy through the body.

Treatment always begins with what is called a ‘Balance’ where the Healer places one finger at the base of the skull and one at the coccyx at the same time.  This is to clear away any blockages in the flow of energy through the spine.  This is done as the spine is the centre line for carrying energy through the body’s nervous system.

Once they begin their work, Hahnemann Healers can watch the body as a form of energy, rather than a physical form, looking for and feeling, patterns of energy flow.  The healer is able to place healing into the body at a point which will flow to the area where the pain is stored and allow it to be released.

The Healer will direct energy to very specific parts of the body using light touch.  The points they touch are the very points leading to where the body has retained emotional hurt or pain.  The healing frees the body to release this pain, sometimes over a number of sessions as more and more layers are peeled away.

Hahnemann Healing is deep, gentle and uplifting.  It can form a significant part of a process of change enabling a person to move forward in their life from old emotional blockages.


Some of the benefits of Hahnemann Healing may include:

 - An increase in energy

 - Reducing anxiety

 - Clarity around your life and direction

 - Help ease the feelings of depression

 - Providing gentle care after grief

 - Helping find resolution to conflict

 - Increasing self belief

 - Diminishing anger

 - Reducing sleep problems


 - Reducing sadness

 - Increasing coping abilities

 - Healing from physical injury after illness or accident

 - Increasing the general feeling of upliftment and joy

 - Helping with addiction and weight loss

 - Alleviating feelings of sorrow

 - Reduce the impact of past hurts and emotional arrests




Our Trainers

All Hahnemann Healing Trainers have received further training in order to be accredited as trainers.  They have to undertake annual professional development work and all are experienced healers.

Michelle Miers, Mornington, PH: 0439 035 554   Synchronicity Natural Healing
Lisa Piercy, Inverloch, PH: 0421 259 114 Studio Munay
Fleur Healey, Mornington, PH: 0458 010 474  Up-Lift
Julia Symington, Mornington, Moonee Ponds, PH: 0419 305 762  Symphisis Yoga and Healing
Lucinda Pyman, Mornington, Caulfield, PH: 0408 109 355
Peter Anthony Williams, Frankston, Leongatha, PH: 0419 440 665 Healing for Contentment
Beatrice Briese, Frankston & Glen Waverly, PH: 0408 602 002
Trish Hardy, Langwarrin, Frankston & Mt Eliza, PH: 0417 144 541 Clarity through Spiritual
Betsy-Sue Clarke, Yarra Ranges, Seville, Lilydale, PH: 0413 044 631  Mind Weeding
Angela Emma Tryers, Mornington & Red Hill, PH: 0410 693 024  Unchoreographed
Shaun Rogers, Mornington, PH: 0407 907 841 Zenith Spiritual

Michele Cleaver, Frankston, Prahran, PH: 0417 425 116 Empowered with Spirit

Olivia White, Mornington, PH: 0409 580 008 Insight Spiritual Counselling

Tracey Magookin, Mornington, Somerville, PH: 0418 533 745 Points of Healing

Rachel Metcalf, Templestowe Lower, PH: 0423 424 720 Radiant Healing

Elke Newall, Frankston, PH: 0434 418 837 Spirited New Beginnings

Jill Moore, Balnarring, PH: 0419 877 280

Lily Kennedy, Mansfield, PH: 0409 381 128 Resonate Healing

Julia Barker, Frankston, PH: 0417 591 882 Spirited New Beginnings

Why we practice Hahnemann Healing

To become a Healer using spiritual energy requires a drive in a person to firstly heal others and secondly a desire to understand and use the power of energy as a healing modality.

This requires a belief in a power beyond earth and that that power can be tapped into and used to help heal others.  It also requires an understanding and acceptance that chemical drugs cannot and do not cure all things, but at the same time have a real role in treating those who are unwell.

If a person understands the need for chemical drugs, yet accepts their limitations and at the same time wants to heal naturally through energy, then they ought to consider becoming a healer using spiritual energy.
Within the realm of spiritual or energy healing is a specialized modality called Hahnemann Healing.  This modality is emotional healing and is based on the knowledge that many illnesses in the body are caused through emotions, suffered currently or back through time.
Where a person feels that they want to help others overcome their emotional blockages, thereby helping to reduce ongoing illness caused through these suppressed emotions, then Hahnemann Healing is the correct modality to pursue.
A Hahnemann Healer is trained over six days to understand the use of energy in a specialized way and how and where to apply it to the body of a client so as to release emotions.  It is a very precise modality and brings about significant change in the  emotional state of the client.
A successful Hahnemann Healer is one who understands the power of emotions and their relationship to illness and wants to help others clear these away, not only to improve their health, but also their general state of living.
Hahnemann Healing is a modality used in Ancient Egypt and recently has once again, been made available to the world.




Beatrice Briese, Frankston & Glen Waverley, PH: 0408 602 002 Trainer

Michele Cleaver, Frankston, Prahran, PH: 0417 425 116 Trainer

Betsy-Sue Clarke, Yarra Ranges, Mitcham, Seville, Lilydale, PH: 0413 044 631 Trainer

Rachel Metcalf, Templestowe Lower, PH: 0423 424 720

Sinéad Travis,  Melbourne CBD, Mt Eliza, PH: 0424 243 189

Fiona Mallinson, Gardenvale, PH: 0407 837 200

Olivia White, Geelong, PH: 0409 580 008

Toby Morley, Malvern, PH: 0431 717 600

Monique McNamara, Hampton, Ormond, Thornbury, PH: 0403 126 387

Holly Uhlich, Melbourne, PH: 0404 203 957

Sonia Tallarida, Melbourne, PH: 1300 541 588

Eve Bukina, Albert Park, PH: 0449 793 349

Susan Pockley, North Fitzroy, PH: 0407 525 747

Geelong & Bellarine

Olivia White,  Geelong, PH: 0409 580 008  Trainer

Kate Messenger, Torquay, PH: 0400 187 155

Anna Parker, Grovedale, PH: 0407 833 109

Hannah Reeves, Geelong, PH: 0403 276 373

South Gippsland

Lisa Piercy, Inverloch, Meeniyan, PH: 0421 259 114  Trainer

Kristen Eddy, Meeniyan, PH: 0447 388 443

Sharon Morgan, Inverloch, PH: 0428 482 404

Bronwyn De Santis, Wonthaggi, PH: 0400 585 529

Kate Zerbe, Inverloch, PH: 0418 753 484

Brett Whittle, Toora, PH: 0419 356 321

Dana Storti, Wonthaggi, PH: 0474 313 726

Anna Stefani,Foster, PH: 0456 045 082

Lily Gray, Leongatha, PH: 0427 506 446

Holly Uhlich, Phillip Island, PH: 0404 203 957

Peter Anthony, Leongatha, PH: 0419 440 665 Trainer

Katelyn McGuffie, Nereena, PH: 0412 725 216

DeRegistered Practitioner:

Lauren Lorenz-Daniel, Grantiville

7 June 2021

North East Victoria

Lily Kennedy, Mansfield,  PH: 0409 381 128

Macedon Ranges

Betsy-Sue Clarke, Gisborne, PH: 0413 044 613 Trainer 

South West Victoria 

Emily Stevens, Hamilton, PH: 0434 572 690



Bega Valley

Paula Casciola, Bega Valley, PH: 0458 271 168


Michelle Miers,  Mornington & Rosebud, PH: 0439 035 554  Trainer

Fleur Healey, Mornington, PH: 0458 010 474 Trainer

Julia Symington, Mornington, Frankston, Moonee  Ponds,

PH: 0419 305 762 Trainer

Lucinda Pyman, Mornington, Caulfield, PH: 0408 109 355  Trainer

Tracey Magookin, Mornington, Somerville, PH: 0418 533 745 Trainer

Julia Barker, Frankston, PH: 0417 591 882

Shaun Rogers, Mornington, PH 0407 907 841 Trainer

Ksenija Dedijer, Mornington, Frankston, PH: 0418 877 014

Trish Hardy, Langwarrin, Frankston, Mt Eliza, PH: 0417 144 541 Trainer

Peter Anthony Williams, Frankston, PH: 0419 440 665 Trainer

Bettina Pfannkuch, Frankston South, PH: 0424 620 539

Loretta Turvey, Seaford, PH: 0412 221 209

Gina Jonson, Frankston, PH: 0418 757 321

Deanne Atkinson, Mornington, PH: 0413 316 079

Abbey Yeomans,  Karingal,  PH: 0498 265 234

Sinéad Travis, Mt Eliza, PH: 0424 243 189

Jillian Moore, Balnarring, PH: 0419 877 280 Trainer

Katie Grace, Mornington, Monash University Peninsula Campus, 

PH: 0422 028 745

Holly Beary, Mornington, Rye, PH: 0432 568 606

Allison Dew, Pearcedale, PH: 0488 016 512

Danielle Angel, Frankston, PH: 0433 953 242

Kathryn Lathbury, Flinders, PH: 0407 017 253

Tracey-Anne O'Mara, Mornington, PH: 0420 848 549

Angela Emma Tryers, Mornington & Red Hill, PH: 0410 693 024 Trainer

Elke Newall, Frankston, PH: 0434 418 837

Anne Marquet, Mount Eliza, Langwarrin, PH: 0417 320 361

David Creedon, Hastings, PH: 0412 365 401

Dana Storti, Mornington Peninsula, PH: 0474 313 726

Aaron Speed, Red Hill, PH: 0400 546 463

Olivia White, Mornington, PH: 0409 580 008 Trainer

Peta Ross, Rye, PH: 0425 863 707

Nicki Bishop, Mt Eliza, PH: 0417 034 388

Toby Morley, Mornighton, PH: 0431 717 600

Samantha Aspromonte, Mt Martha, PH: 0401 336 888

Glenda Walton, Rosebud, PH: 0416 146 043

Sonia Tallarida, Mornington Peninsula, PH: 1300 541 588

Nikki Moses, Frankston, PH: 0403 044 960

Rachel Metcalf, Frankston South, PH: 0423 424 720



I have had 3 sessions …  Hahnemann Healing is probably the most profound healing modality I have experienced yet!  I spent some years studying and practising Reiki, and Hahnemann Healing goes to an even deeper level of our being. Whilst it may appear subtle, it is indeed a very powerful healing tool.  I would encourage everyone to give themselves the ‘gift’ of this healing.  The cost of holistic wellbeing … priceless!” 



I feel braver

Holly aged 8

Mornington Peninsula

I feel much lighter and able to cope more with life - Thank you



I could not have imagined the change in my thought patterns, well being and outlook on life following Hahnemann Healing sessions...Would not have believed it if I had not experienced it. Amazing powerful stuff." 



I am a single mum with OCD. After my Hahnemann Healing sessions I don't feel as tired, I feel motivated and less anxious. I have even been on a date!



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Q. Why would a person need Hahnemann Healing?
A. The ups and downs of life can be challenging and hurtful.  The effects of emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and anxiety (for example) can be stored in our body.  These negative thoughts and feelings can come from the “big” and “small” events in our life.  If left unresolved they can often become the cause of illness.

Q. When would you benefit from Hahnemann Healing?
A. Indicators that you could benefit from Hahnemann Healing include:
• – You feel “wobbly” or “not quite right”.
• – You keep crying or wanting to cry.
• – You know there is something troubling in your life, but you’re not sure what.
• – You have an illness that just won’t seem to go away.
• – There has been a crisis in your life.
• – There has been an event or events in your life that you still feel upset about.
• – You feel overwhelmed by life.
• – You are nervous, pedantic, fearful, angry, depressed, sad, confused, indecisive, and so on …
• – You have personality traits that you know aggravate other people.

Q. How many healing sessions are required?
A. It is generally recommended that new clients start with a minimum of 3 sessions, and then evaluate their ongoing needs after these sessions.

Q. Is it spiritual healing (and what is spiritual healing)?
A. Yes.  Spiritual healing and its derivatives (e.g. Reiki) generally work by drawing energy via the practitioner from the great cosmos.

Q. How is Hahnemann Healing different?
A. Hahnemann Healing works in a more specialised way.  It is a much stronger energy that is specifically directed to the points in the body where it is needed.

Q. What happens in a healing?
A. Hahnemann Healers are highly skilled at drawing energy and dispersing that energy through light finger tip touch to specific parts of the client’s body. The client can, over a number of days, feel a release of emotions and resolution of conflict and/or blockages.

Q. Where does the Hahnemann Healer touch?
A. The healing points are related to specific emotions that are located in various specific places on the body.

Q. What happens if I’m uncomfortable being touched on a specific point?
A. When your Healer advises you the point they will be touching, you can advise them if you feel uncomfortable.  Your Healer will choose an alternative, if available.

Q. Do I have to remove my clothing?
A. No, you remain clothed.

Q. Where does Hahnemann Healing come from?
A. The form of healing now called Hahnemann Healing was practiced in Ancient Egypt, and is the only healing of its kind in the world today.

Q. Why is it called Hahnemann Healing?
A. It is named after (Samuel) Kristian Hahnemann, who is best known as the founder of homoeopathic medicine and who specialised in emotional healing.

Q. How do I make an appointment with a Hahnemann Healer practitioner?
A. Approach a Hahnemann Healer directly, or if you are not sure who your nearest practitioner is, please email lisahhealing@gmail.com for further information, including for details of practitioners in your area.

Q. How can I become a Hahnemann Healer myself?
A. Directly contact one of the accredited Hahnemann Healing Trainers.  Alternatively fill out our Contact Us  form to register your interest.



If you have any questions regarding the Hahnemann Healing modality, need assistance in locating a suitable practitioner or wish to inquire about training, please contact us via the form below.

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