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Advanced Hahnemann Healing training is optional for Hahnemann Healing practitioners.


The pre-requisite for this advanced training is Level 1 Hahnemann Healing training and 12 months as a level 1 practitioner.


Advanced Hahnemann Healing extracts from the body certain emotional disturbances and replaces them with positive emotions so people can make the change to alter the way in which they are coping with and dealing with their life.


This is a very powerful adjunct to counselling. After the negative emotion is extracted during an advanced healing session, the positive healing replacement remains forever. Most people also need counselling to cope with the change from negative to positive.


Four new extraction/replacement healing points are given on each annual development day to advanced trainers. These points extract a negative blockage from the body and replace it with an enduring positive energy. To continue to practice as an advanced trainer, you need to reaccredit annually (one additional development day).



  • The annual Hahnemann Healing training day $220 (gst inclusive).

  • The annual advanced training day $220 (gst inclusive).

  • Advanced healing e-manual update $75 for each level.

  • Accreditation fee for practitioners is $55 annually.

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