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    Emotional Healing from Ancient Egypt

    Introducing Hahnemann Healing

    Hahnemann Healing is a specialised form of emotional healing, brought forward from Ancient Egypt and is the only form of healing of its kind in the world today.

    This modality is a powerful method of dealing with emotions, which often lie behind illness.  These emotions occur as a result of negative thoughts and feelings towards events that have happened in a person’s life.  This includes the emotions that may preclude people from getting better after a medical procedure.

    Hahnemann Healing is a specialist form of spiritual healing, which works by drawing healing energy from the spiritual levels, which is then directed to specific emotions held within the body as blockages (often resulting in feelings of physical pain).

    The practitioner is highly trained to understand how to receive and disperse energy through specific points on the body which relate to a particular emotion.   This is done by finger touch, is non-invasive and is done on a treatment table.  The specific point used by the healer for each emotion, allows the appropriate type and amount of energy to be sent to the part of the body holding onto the emotion.  It then begins the process of releasing the blockage out of the body caused by that particular emotion.

    Either during the treatment or in the ensuing days, it is usual for the client to feel a release of emotions and find resolution to conflict that was lying within them.


           “To be healed with a modality such as Hahnemann Healing, is to be restored from the devastation felt through the actions of others. It is only when this restored state is felt, that a person can fully begin to re-form their life” ….. By Kristian Hahnemann


      “Hahnemann Healing was life changing for me.  I discovered a part of me that felt reborn… Many underlying fears and traumas were released and gave me the freedom to be who I truly am. Thank you …” — Zoe