Questions & Testimonials

Q. Why would a person need Hahnemann Healing?

A. The ups and downs of life can be challenging and hurtful.  The effects of emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and anxiety (for example) can be stored in our body.  These negative thoughts and feelings can come from the “big” and “small” events in our life.  If left unresolved they can often become the cause of illness.


Q. When would you benefit from Hahnemann Healing?

A. Indicators that you could benefit from Hahnemann Healing include:

  • - You feel “wobbly” or “not quite right”.
  • - You keep crying or wanting to cry.
  • - You know there is something troubling in your life, but you’re not sure what.
  • - You have an illness that just won’t seem to go away.
  • - There has been a crisis in your life.
  • - There has been an event or events in your life that you still feel upset about.
  • - You feel overwhelmed by life.
  • - You are nervous, pedantic, fearful, angry, depressed, sad, confused, indecisive, and so on …
  • - You have personality traits that you know aggravate other people.


Q. How many healing sessions are required?

A. It is generally recommended that new clients start with a minimum of 3 sessions, and then evaluate their ongoing needs after these sessions.


Q. Is it spiritual healing (and what is spiritual healing)?

A. Yes.  Spiritual healing and its derivatives (e.g. Reiki) generally work by drawing energy via the practitioner from the great cosmos.

Q. How is Hahnemann Healing different?

A. Hahnemann Healing works in a more specialised way.  It is a much stronger energy that is specifically directed to the points in the body where it is needed.

Q. What happens in a healing?

A. Hahnemann Healers are highly skilled at drawing energy and dispersing that energy through light finger tip touch to specific parts of the client’s body. The client can, over a number of days, feel a release of emotions and resolution of conflict and/or blockages.

Q. Where does the Hahnemann Healer touch?

A. The healing points are related to specific emotions that are located in various specific places on the body.

Q. What happens if I’m uncomfortable being touched on a specific point?

A. When your Healer advises you the point they will be touching, you can advise them if you feel uncomfortable.  Your Healer will choose an alternative, if available.

Q. Do I have to remove my clothing?

A. No, you remain clothed.

Q. Where does Hahnemann Healing come from?

A. The form of healing now called Hahnemann Healing was practiced in Ancient Egypt, and is the only healing of its kind in the world today.

Q. Why is it called Hahnemann Healing?

A. It is named after (Samuel) Kristian Hahnemann, who is best known as the founder of homoeopathic medicine and who specialised in emotional healing.

Q. How do I make an appointment with a Hahnemann Healer practitioner?

A. Approach a Hahnemann Healer directly, or if you are not sure who your nearest practitioner is, please email for further information, including for details of practitioners in your area.

Q. How can I become a Hahnemann Healer myself?

A. Directly contact one of the accredited Hahnemann Healing Trainers, who has had more extensive training to enable them to train new Hahnemann Healers.  Alternatively further information (including dates for forthcoming training courses) is available via

Testimonials from those who have received Hahnemann Healing:

  • “Hahnemann Healing was life changing for me.  I discovered a part of me that felt reborn… Many underlying fears and traumas were released and gave me the freedom to be who I truly am. Thank you …” — Zoe
  • “My awareness of the connection between mind and body only awoke after getting very unwell at the age of nearly 50 and running into an old friend who suggested I come try Hahnemann Healing.  Her delightfully calm and reassuring presence and exploring personality soon made me aware of how much the mind and the body really are connected.  Where doctors had prescribed medication, she probed my mind and feelings, allowing me to release negative thoughts, clarify the mind and ultimately heal my body.  The new me believes in the mind/body connection, thanks …!!” — Peter
  • “I could not have imagined the change in my thought patterns, wellbeing and outlook on life following Hahnemann Healing sessions …. Would not have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it.  Amazing, powerful stuff.” — Louise
  • “I have had 3 sessions …  Hahnemann Healing is probably the most profound healing modality I have experienced yet!  I spent some years studying and practising Reiki, and Hahnemann Healing goes to an even deeper level of our being. Whilst it may appear subtle, it is indeed a very powerful healing tool.  I would encourage everyone to give themselves the ‘gift’ of this healing.  The cost of holistic wellbeing … priceless! ??” — Elke

  It should be that the spirit overrides the mind. Humans reverse this with the mind overriding the spirit. The outcome is emotional damage. Emotional healing will restore this damage” ….. By Kristian Hahnemann