Dr (Samuel) Kristian Hahnemann

Dr (Samuel) Kristian Hahnemann

Kristian … then … the founder of Homoeopathy

Dr Samuel Kristian Hahnemann (preferring to be known as Kristian), is an entity, who in his last incarnation on earth trained as an Apothecarist and Medical Doctor.  Born and trained in Germany, he travelled and lived in Austria and finally France.

Dissatisfied with the medical profession and the tools he had available to help sick people, Kristian devoted a large part of his life in bringing to the world the science and medicine of Homoeopathy, a practice that is widespread throughout the world today.

Kristian saw Homoeopathy as a way to both fight illness (fire with fire) and also to deal with the underlying emotions causing the illness.  He has always advocated that the majority of human illness is caused through suppressed or repressed emotions and these need addressing before the body can get, and remain, well.

Kristian … now

Kristian is the personal guide to Pearl Rogers and has been so since she was two years of age.  Pearl is a Medium, Homoeopath and Psychotherapist and who, with her husband Ian, are the Directors of Sphinx Spiritual, the spiritual umbrella under which Hahnemann Healing sits.

Working through Pearl and Ian, Kristian has been able to bring forward the knowledge of Emotional Healing via gentle touch, which he prefers to be known as Hahnemann Healing. He sees this is a way to make more widely available, emotional healing for people concerned with personal growth and physical good health in their lives.

He has given to Pearl and Ian, the knowledge of Hahnemann Healing and the teaching method.  He is continually providing them with information to increase its coverage across the body to bring up hidden emotions.

He has geared Hahnemann Healing in such a way that it is able to be easily taught to practitioners and delivered to the public.

It is a powerful healing modality, which will considerably add to the world.