About Us


Hahnemann Healing is a part of the Sphinx Spiritual Group, a spiritual teaching organization  whose purpose is to bring forward high level spiritual knowledge that was known and practiced in Ancient Egypt and can practically assist people today across a many areas of human life.  The Directors of Sphinx Spiritual are Ian & Pearl Rogers.   www.sphinxspiritual.com

One of the areas of knowledge brought forward is Hahnemann Healing, a specialist form of emotional healing achieved via finger touch.

While Hahnemann Healing’s origins are in Australia, its aim is to spread internationally by training healers throughout the world.

Hahnemann Healing Pty Ltd is owned and operated by:

•Ian Rogers

•Pearl Rogers

•Michelle Miers

•Lisa Goff

Ian, Pearl, Michelle and Lisa are all committed to the cause of healing and, in particular, emotional healing.  All are trained Healers and are qualified in training others to also become Hahnemann Healers.  All are involved in the work of Sphinx Spiritual and are actively pursuing their own spiritual growth, including mediumship.

(Please visit: www.sphinxspiritual.com)


 “Healing is a gift bestowed upon you from the spirit world, trained up by people, to be shared with other people who need the gift of being healed” ….. By Kristian Hahnemann


Contact us via email: info@hahnemannhealing.com